Friday, August 12, 2005

para a Kumi / for Kumi

for our second trade, I'm sending this handbag and a different sort of bookcover from the same fabric. It's for japanese size books, I just hope I got the measurements right and it fits ...

and one more cover, #52, an order from C.
this seems to be the most popular "model", the red cover with flowers :-)

and I just had to show this postcard that T. passed on to me yesterday. Our BC friend Kiddie brought a bunch of them from Paris when she came for a short visit. I was so sorry I couldn't make it to that BC meeting, but I guess I'll just have to go and visit her one of these days ;-)

and bookcover #42 is finally with eendar


Anonymous said...

I also have this card :D I think it's great!! (well, they all were...)

Anonymous said...

Eu também tenho um, já vou pôr a foto no blog. ;o)

fantasma said...

O postal é um espectáculo!!!
A C. da capa sou eu? :o)