Friday, December 02, 2005

X-Mas knitting

... only three more scarves and one hat to go :-)

this is a restigouche in pink tones, made from two strands of superfine mohair. I love the effect of this scarf, I'll probably do a couple more this season in other colors.

and almost done: one Bella scarf in dark red mohair, and one Flora in shades of grey.


fantasma said...

É oficial! Vou deixar de ver o teu blog! Cada dia há uma coisa mais linda... além de me ficar a babar fico também verde de inveja de não saber fazer nada parecido ;op
O cachecol rosa está lindo, lindo!

.. said...

São todos lindos! Tu vais-me pôr a tentar fazer tricot mais cedo ou mais tarde :)

patricia lima said...

lindos, todos eles!

Shawn Escott said...

Your blog is very cool! You are so creative with a needle! :) My wife is expecting our second baby girl soon and I was wondering about making little tiny shirts or cute hats about the size of a keychain for gifts to give to relatives and friends. Do you have any idea where I might find a pattern for this? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This scarf is so beautiful, I want to knit one myself! Only thing is, I can't read the French instructions I downloaded. Can anyone help me in English?