Friday, February 16, 2007

marie clarie idées spring/07

Not sure when this issue came out, but I just picked up my copy yesterday. I haven't looked at it properly yet, but the article called "L'atelier de couture" has to be one of my favorites. Such beautiful ideas for the craft room ... *sigh*

Just look at this, everything so neatly organized

or this (love this idea, actually)

and to store our knitting needles, just perfect

and a few more ideas, all of them so inspiring

(this last photo is from another article, but I just love the colors on it)

Humm, I think the studio is in bad need of some re-organizing this weekend (which reminds me, I haven't taken any photos to show here yet, must do that soon)

Have a great weekend ♥



Teresa said...

oh, I picked it up a couple days ago, forgot to warn you because I meant to post about it ( maybe my next post will be in april, right..). I also have not seen it properly but thought thr magazine a bit weakish by their awesome standards, but also loved this sewing organization piece.

Siow Chin said...

Wow, beautiful craft room and such organization!

Amanda said...

Ooo, thanks for the peak, since I can't get that magazine locally! I especially like the little egg carton sewing kit, so cute!

yuvee said...

oooh....inspiring indeed! I'm keeping those for my future craft room!

linda lu said...

great ideas, thank you for sharing.

I must go buy some clear jars!

Violette Crumble said...

That magazine rocks. Unfortunately in my small NYC apartment my craftroom is comprised of plastic boxes under my bed! I love your sewn critters and blog- Great design, photos, and colors. I found you via Flickr.

dona RAIMUNDA said...

Oi, adorei o seu trabalho, tem cada coisa muito linda.
Estou começando os meus trabalhos agora, e vi que tenho muito a aprender com vc.
Obrigada pela atenção

sally said...

Thanks for sharing the photos from MCI. I need to work on a studio makeover this spring!

Laurence said...

Lucky you! The magazine doesnt seem to cross the atlantic!! thanks for sharing

David said...

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Mette said...

Such organization. Great inspiration and beautiful photos.

* White Roses Princess* said...

uau... i loved it :p




i'll come back soon ;)


*White Roses Princess*