Monday, October 01, 2007

the cats of Turkey

here you go ..

Van cat at the Old Greek House

isn't he the cutest furball ?

Van cat at the Old Greek House

the owners of the Old Greek House said he was a Van kitty, a rare Turkish breed that originates from the Lake Van region in Eastern Turkey.

Van cat at the Old Greek House

whatever the origin, it was love at first sight for me. I almost put him in my bag .. believe me, the temptation was huge

Van cat at the Old Greek House

besides this little cutie, we saw so many cats in Turkey that we'd be petting a different one every 10 minutes, especially in Istanbul.

and even though most of them were strays, I was happy to see that they seemed to be well fed and quite content. Here are a few shots of some favorite ones:

in sultanahmet

at the blue mosque

in sultanahmet

in sultanahmet

(ok, this one has a cat and a dog)

for all our photos of the cats of Turkey, check here. I'll be adding more in the next days, so check for updates later.


fantasma said...

Os gatos são lindos, as fotos estão fantásticas. Lá fico eu cheia de "comichões" a pensar qe tenho mesmo de voltar a ter um bichano lá em casa :)
E o branquinho pequerrucho, a tentação deve mesmo ter sido enorme, é das coisas mais lindas que já vi....

Leonor said...

Que lindo o branquinho! Os gatos são animais respeitados nos países islâmicos. As fotos estão excelentes como sempre.

Anonymous said...

Ai, que coisinhas lidas!!!
(já viste bem nas malas? De certeza que não escondeste nenhum?!) ;)

Agnes said...

Ooooh! Thank you so much for such cute kitty pics! I love them all!

SmurfPop said...

What a beautiful little kitten! And WOW at your other posts about Turkey (I've only just had the chance to have a read) - it looks amazing! I love looking at pictures on blogs and they all look fantastic :) x

Jacinta said...

What a gorgeous kitten! I would have been sorely tempted to carry him away too!
And whilst the white cats sitting amongst the carpets, may well have been strays, they certainly look healthy and totally at home. Great pics.

Anonymous said...

they are sooo cute. Especially the one with the dog. Is it me or are all the white cats in Turkey all have one blue eye and one green eye.

Chat Gris said...

Lindos de morrer! :)

mamichan said...

There are so many cats there! I just came back from a week in Istanbul myself :)