Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Part VIII - Hverir, Husavik

Almost arriving in Husavik we stumbled upon the geothermal site of Hverir, full of steaming pools and boiling mud pots. Since it was still early we decided to go and explore it immediately. The smell of sulphur can be a bit hard to endure sometimes but we managed to go around the site anyway. The landscape is quite impressive, and definitely worth a visit.

Arriving finally outside of Husavik we went in search of our accommodation for the next two nights, at the Kaldbaks-Kot cottages. This place is really nice, especially the setting. Located in the Husavik bay, they say sometimes it's even possible to spot whales from here. We didn't see any, but the sea was particularly rough which made it almost impossible to see anything anyway. The cottages were on the small side but really cozy and with all the facilities we needed. And the views were really something else.

Kaldbaks-Kot Cottages
2 km outside of Husavik

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Unknown said...

Fiquei maravilhada com as fotos e descrições sobre a Islandia, é realmente um país de contrastes, com uma natureza linda e brutal...