Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Part XI - Asbyrgi, Dettifoss, Godafoss, Varmahlid

On the next day the weather was really gloomy, and we were leaving Husavik to start our jorney back towards Reykjavik. Our plans for that day were to visit the Jökulsárgljúfur National Park, which is located east of Husavik.

Our first stop was the Asbyrgi Canyon, which is a few kms off road 85 and easily accessible.

As you can see, the weather was really not cooperating. And it kept getting worse, so this was not the best day for walking around. Despite all that we decided to go on to Dettifoss, supposedly the most powerful waterfall in Europe.
We decided to take road F862, and that was not the wisest decision. It's really, really bumpy, and it seems to take hours just to get anywhere, so if you ever plan to go there you'll need several extra doses of patience.

The waterfall itself is quite impressive, surrounded by all this rocky landscape and somewhat desolate scenery.

The smaller but prettier Selfoss waterfall nearby is also worth taking a look at ...

The drive after leaving Dettifoss to return to the main road was slightly better, but still tortuous. Sorry I'm complaining so much, but trust me, it was not fun. After such a miserable trip we stopped again for lunch at the Gamli Baerinn for a comforting meal. Ah, that was so nice !
Our energies restored, we continued our drive following the ring road, and next drove to the last big waterfall of the trip, the mighty Godafoss.

After Godafoss we passed by Akureyri, the second largest city in Iceland. We didn't stop, but it looked quite nice and probably worth a few hours there. Somewhat tired we finally arrived in Varmahlid, our home for the night. We had rented a cottage from the local rafting company (apparently we were in the best place for rafting in Iceland) and it was a pleasant surprise. Also, the weather improved at last, and the sunset was quite surreal.

Cottages from rafting.is

85 from Husavik to Asbyrgi
F862 to Dettifoss
Ring road to Akureyri, Godafoss and Varmahlid

More photos here

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fantasma said...

The waterfalls are quite impressive and beautiful.
And those last photos are probably my favorites so far, they are so beautiful!