Wednesday, June 17, 2009


On Monday last week the day was absolutely dreary outside. We drove towards the Sierra de Gredos all the way up to the Plataforma parking place (in Hoyos del Espino). It's from here that you can hike the trail to the Circo de Gredos and the Laguna Grande. Well, we did try ... but the wind and rain were so bad we walked about 500 m before turning back.

So instead we looked for a nice place to have lunch and found the amazing El Yantar de Gredos restaurant. Delicious food and good service, definitely an experience to try again.

After lunch we drove to Burgohondo, an unremarkable village but where our hotel for that night was located. A nice hotel with a very sociable host (and we had the hotel all to ourselves), and the views of Gredos were not bad ...

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Verity said...

Those look delicious! are they a dessert or drinks??!!