Wednesday, June 17, 2009


On our way to Monfrague we spent the night in Trujillo, an historical town just about 3 hours from Lisbon. We weren't planning on doing any hiking that day, the weather was rainy and impredictable, so we just strolled around and explored the sights.

Stumbling upon a beautiful old church (Santa Maria de la Mayor), we decided to go in and see the magnificent retablo. Later, we also went up the tower to look at these amazing views.

Trujillo is also where Pizarro's house is located (there's a huge statue of him in the main square)

And just before it started to rain more heavily we went up to the castle and enjoyed the views once again ...

We took shelter in the courtyards at the main square (where we were disappointed to find out that the Pizarro restaurant was closed for dinner) and waited for the rain to pass ...

We spent the night here. A really nice hotel, which is located right outside the historical center (a 5 minute walk, really).


kitty-san said...

Uau, é lindo! E apenas a 3 horas de Lisboa? Muito bom.
Estou com saudade dos teus crafts aqui. Hoje comprei ,na loja de Belém, meio metro de um tecido vermelhão com flores delineadas a dourado, muito jap, ías adorar.

likeschocolate said...

Fantastic photos! They make me want to get a new camera.