Tuesday, November 03, 2009

cesis - days 7 and 8


Halfway between Vilnius and Tallinn we spent a night near the lovely town of Cesis, located by the Gauja National Park.

While researching accommodation in the area I found the Karlamuiza, a beautifully restored 18th century manor that now serves as a guesthouse. It is the perfect place to stay, especially if you enjoy being in the countryside and quiet surroundings.

Needless to say, we loved it here. We stayed in the Elisabeth room, which is quite large and even has a small kitchenette. Outside the Autumn colors were starting to show, and at the back there was an apple bursting orchard.



And we met the neighbours' cat, who couldn't stop purring for us ....

Just before sunset we decided to drive into Cesis for dinner. We headed towards the castle first and slowly made our way down to the gardens below.



It was a beautiful evening and the light was just about perfect. The gardens, as you can see, were quite outstanding.

We still had time for a quick peek at the local church, and then had dinner at one of the local restaurants in the main square (nothing out of the ordinary, if I recall correctly).

The next morning we still had time for a quick visit to a couple of local attractions. This area has actually a lot to see and do, and we could've easily found enough to distract us for a week or so. This time we chose to visit the Araisi windmill.

The windmill is quite interesting, and we made the acquaintance of yet another friendly kitty ....

We had also planned to visit the Araisi Archeological Open Air Museum but when we got there we realized a) we didn't have any Latvian currency left and b) we still had a long drive ahead of us, so we just took a quick look from the outside.

A bit further on, still in Latvian countryside, we stopped for a walk in the woods. It happened to be wild mushroom season in the Baltics, so everywhere we passed by we'd see cars stopped by the roadside (with their occupants busy picking mushrooms somewhere out there in the woods) and several people selling them as well.

Now, we know nothing about mushrooms so we didn't risk picking any, but some of them sure looked quite appetizing ....

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Billy said...

Que bonito pomar!

Sempre que vejo cogumelos penso no que um amigo meu diz: todos os cogumelos são comestíveis, pelo menos uma vez. ;)

Unknown said...

Tudo tão bonito!

Celina said...

Que fotos lindas. É sempre um prazer ver as tuas reportagens fotográficas. Viagens fantásticas, fotos fantásticas. Parabéns.
Ainda ontem andei a espreitar o arquivo das tuas viagens para ver se já tinhas andado pelo norte de Inglaterra... Vou a Newcastle e York em Dezembro e mal posso esperar. Também partilho o gosto pelas viagens na Velha Europa nesta altura. Haverá coisa mais bonita que cenários destes, outonais, rústicos, mágicos (invadidos por criaturas peludas igualmente fascinantes)? ;)

yummy peony said...

Wow! That looks like an amazing trip. Everything looks so peaceful and calm.
I just came accross your blog by "accident" via Posie gets cozy. Oh, and I love your banner, did you make those cats?

Laine said...

Wow! I`m a latvian girl (who happens to live exactly in Cesis region)and this post made me even more proud of my country than I was before! The pictures are awesome and thank you for reminding me about Araisi windmill - shame on me, I`ve never been there! :)

A girl ofcourse;Dnot telling my name!:D said...

I live in Araisi it's a goood and fun place it's awsome and fun!!!!

A girl ofcourse:Dnot tellin my name!!:D said...

lol i just but fun twice:D but i mean it there r lots of fun stuff to do!

A girl ofcourse:Dnot tellin my name!!:D said...