Friday, February 24, 2006

crafts and japanese inspirations

I've been slowly starting working on my orders again(for those who are waiting, please don't despair, I promise I'll get to them soon), and just finished these off last night

bags #52, #54 and #55 .. one for me (it's about time I had one of these !), one for T., and the other is going to a store that's opening very soon (more details on that when I have them) as well as the rest of the items below

#177, red bookcover with cat

#18 kitty pouch

#53, pink striped handbag

and the order from that me, F. and T. made together has arrived, full of gorgeous magazines that are so inspirational I want to make everything on them ...just take a look ..

ISBN: 4529041808

ISBN: 4529041409

ISBN: 4529038777

have a great weekend, for those who enjoy this holiday (not my case, I really hate it) have a great Carnival, and I'll be back in a week after my shiatsu residential ...



C+SK said...

Adoro as tuas malas - acho que daqui a uns meses contacto-te para me fazeres uma - podes fazer com furoes? :-)

Convenção Bookcrossing said...

Weeee mine, mine, mine.
Blossom wants to steal it away from me, but I won't let her! :P
Can't wait to see it tomorrow!



I've just found your blog thru liquidpaper. Gosh, you are so talented! and you are right... those mags are so full of inspirations!

thanks for sharing...

3 Gatos Miaus said...

Olá Tania...Onde arranjas estas revistas magnificas???...é que procuro por todo o lado e nada!!! Só consigo a marie claire idées e mesmo assim é um achado... Estou realmente interessada em adquirir este tipo de publicações pois posso utilizar nas minhas aulas com os meus "meninos" do 3º e 4º ano. Será que me podes ajudar?

Beijocas, o teu trabalho continua magnifico

rosa alface said...

; )

patricia-g said...

Olá! Antes de mais, quero dizer que venho aqui regularmente e que sou, cada vez mais, tua fã. E já agora pergunto se a encomenda que fiz o ano passado de uma capa com vaquinhas ainda se mantém para Março. Bjs :)