Tuesday, June 06, 2006

shop update !

finally a shop update ! I'm in the middle of a shop re-design (what do you think so far ?) and have added a few new items for sale, including these patchwork bags in various sizes (I love these IKEA prints). Also, my first patchwork bookcover, a japanese style which is quite practical although not so flexible - I think I'll have to make myself one in each possible size. And a few of my normal bookcovers as well. I haven't been able to accept new custom orders for quite some time, since I'm still way behind with my current list, so I hope these will make a few people happy ... and because this will probably be the last major shop update for a while, I really crafted this weekend and made a couple more pouches and other bags - go check them out !

during the next weeks I'm taking it slow but I'll try to finalize a few more orders, send a couple more bookcovers for sale here and work on the new set of softies that will go for a doll exhibition here next month .. ufff, no wonder I'm feeling so tired ... I need some vacation badly !


Amy said...

You're incredible. Just thought you should know. :)
You work at your day job like everyone else, yet you produce such beautiful stuff. Where you are able to find the time, it just boggles me.
Now there's no reason why I shouldn't start, hehe!

Congrats and good luck with the house!

Irene said...

Love the new shop, the links are gorgeous.
I think I was the first visitor of the updated shop because I was visiting it till 1 A.M. (I had some trouble sleeping).
I hope you've received my e-mail about the pouch and bag, I hope they are reserved for me.
Good luck with your orders, I hope you'll finish them quickly so you can have the vacations the you really need.
I'm writting english because I noticed that almost every one does it including you.


Flor said...

Beautiful work, as always! And I love the brown bag :)

.. said...

tudo lindo! adoro os novos sacos.

Belinda said...

I'm loving the Ikea prints too, we have only just got them in and they are already sold out. Love the design of the bag, gorgeous!!

fantasma said...

You must be tired!! With so many work done!!
Loved all of it, the patchwork bags are awesome, and I even liked the brown stuff (you know how I hate brown :op)
The shop looks great also.

Last week a colleague saw my bag that you made and fell in love, I sent her the link but now she's on holidays and I can't show her all the nice new things.... :(

Eglair Quicolli said...

adoreia bolsa marrom..linda mesmo!

Kumi said...

They're so beautiful, Tania.

Kisses from Japan,

Kumi said...

Hey, I just noticed that the link of "Sew in love" on your blog list is somehow dead!!

sara aires said...

TÂnia, há já um ano e meio pelo menos, que aqui passo e tenho que dizer que adoro os teus trabalhos, principalmente os dos gatinhos!
keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site with us.

Anonymous said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.