Friday, June 23, 2006

softie labels and rubber stamp

can't post the softie photos yet (exhibit opens tomorrow, so if you're going to be close by please go and take a look), but here's my brand new rubber stamp and the softie labels. Each softie comes with its own unique handmade label and one of my new printed ones.

reading wise this month has been incredibly slow (only one book read ?? this has to be a first ...) but I plan to make up for it next month. I'll try to read these books that have been forever started and never finished (girls, don't let me give up on jonathan strange, ok ?) including the other dorothy dunnett that hasn't sparked any feelings like Lymond yet.


Irene said...

I love everything, from the softies to the labels.

Anonymous said...

A "Alice" (era assim que a primeira softie se chamava, certo?) fez mesmo sucesso!!! Parabéns, são realmente muito fofinhas! Que tudo corra bem na exposição!

Anonymous said...

Acho que já vi estas estiquetas em algum lado!


fantasma said...

Adoro as etiquetas e o carimbo!