Monday, July 17, 2006

never let me go

I haven't made a book post in a long, long time, but I thought that this one deserved to be mentioned. X. had already recommended it (and happy b-day once more :), but I was bit hesitant because I had read this other book by the same author and can't say I enjoyed it that much. But when I found a copy available at the airport I thought I'd give it a try ... like C., I've been having a really weak year bookwise. Besides this very good fantasy trilogy recommended by T. and Case Histories (by Kate Atkinson), I can't say that I truly enjoyed any other books this year so far. So it was totally unexpected that this would grip me so much. And that final twist, I could clearly see it coming but still it was somewhat of a knockout. So if you have the chance to read it, please do .. it's good, I promise.

And while I'm on the subject of books, did I lend you by any chance my copy of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell ? If I did, please let me know. I've looked for it *everywhere* in the house ...I promised the girls I'd join the read-along but without finding my copy it's going to be difficult (and something tells me that if I don't read it now with so much encouragement I'll never finish it)


Flor said...

Ó faxavor! :-) Eu até gostava de ler o Never let me go e o Case Histories. É que, sabes, não tenho nada para ler em casa ;-)
Estive a ler as reviews dos dois e fiquei muito curiosa. E pronto, como também recomendas.
E alguém é capaz de emprestar uma cópia do Jonathan Strange aqui à T.? Agradecida :-)
Eu estou a gostar do livro e a Sandra também :) Agora já não desito :)

bekka said...

i loved never let me go. it was very gripping! great way to characterize it. and it was so surprising, too. really enjoyed case histories as well. but that strnage/norrel book? well, we've never met, so it's not your copy i didn't read. it's in the floorboard of my car waiting to be returned to the library. just couldn't get into it at all.

Teresa said...

X made me buy Never Let me Go as well - you both are making me curious, am *gloats* swamped in books I really want to read but am moving Never let me go to prime TBR position.

And I read X´s Strange and Norrell ( 1st edition! signed! thanks X) so it´s not here, though I do have a couple of your books waiting to be read.

fantasma said...

Estes são daqueles livros que por mais que me falem bem deles, acho que nunca os pedincharei a ninguém ;o)

Purl said...

I loved Never Let Me Go! At first I was hesitant to ready it, but it was an amazing story. I liked Case Histories as well.

I haven't read much fantasy fiction, but I may have to give that series a try.

Glad you liked the swap!

Anonymous said...

Ja leste:

Eu gostei muito!

Alexandra said...

Sorry for the late reply! It's good isn't it, the way it just ... flows. I'm glad you also liked it. I'm always afraid to give a recommendation!