Friday, April 04, 2008

thinking of spring (part II)

Some more inspiration for spring/summer clothes, from my new japanese sewing pattern books

Otona no couture (Stylish dress book)
ISBN 4579111850

Cotton and linen
ISBN 4277722520

And tomorrow I'm trying rafting for the first time, so wish me luck ! Have a great weekend :)


Anonymous said...

That second book - cotton and linen - looks beautiful and simple. Can you tell me where to find it, please?

Sarah said...

What is the sizing like for each of these books. The patterns are appealing but I have quite the bust (42") and imagine that without doing some serious pattern alteration, I'd be out of luck.

Billy said...

Olá Tânia! Aonde vais fazer rafting? Ao rio Paiva? Também já fiz (várias vezes no Paiva, uma vez no Minho) e é muito giro. Há lá uma parte para dar um salto de uma rocha e é uma maravilha!

Boa descida!

.. said...

Oh, chegaram, que bom! :) agora é costurar :)

Tania Ho said...

Sarah, the sizes on these books tend to be on the smaller side. But since they're usually very simple and straightforward patterns I think it would be relatively easy to make them bigger.

RicaConta said...

Hi, Tania!
I normally follow your blog attentive. Could you say where I can buy this books you show? They seem so pretty!
Thank you!