Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The village of Akaslompolo is located about 55 km from Kittila, and a short bus ride from the Yllas ski resort.

We rented our lovely cabin from Destination Lapland, and were quite satisfied with their service.
The cabin we stayed at was located about 1 km from the main road and shops, which was just about OK for our daily walks, especially with -30 C outside.

The cabin itself was impeccably furnished, the heated floor and fireplace were very comfortable (sometimes even too hot) as well as the small private sauna. There's only one huge supermarket in the village, but it has everything you can think of (food-wise, obviously, but they also sold everything else from Novita yarn to Moomin bed covers). Prices were way cheaper than Portugal, which was quite unexpected. The tiny shopping mall nearby mainly stocks souvenirs, but it has a small Marimekko shop where I just *had* to get a couple of yards of my favorite fabric.

We usually had dinner at home, but we decided to try the local restaurants a couple of times. We really enjoyed our meal at Poro, and then our last dinner at Julli's (portions tend to be huge, especially at Julli's and other pubs).

:: our cabin

:: road to Kittila

:: snowmobile excursions shop

:: coming from the supermarket (the sledges were very useful for transporting our purchases)

:: dinner at Poro

:: snowshoeeing at the frozen lake

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