Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Skiing in Yllas

The resort is small (compared to others we've been to) and not very high, but it was perfect for our beginner friends. The slopes were mainly beginner/intermediate level (the blue runs were very easy, and the reds would probably be equivalent to blue runs in the Alps). The advantage of being so cold is that the snow conditions were very good, no icy parts anywhere at all.

There's only one or two gondolas, very few chairlifts and plenty of drag-lifts in this resort, which would've been OK because we went during low season and there were very few people around, but being so cold it really wasn't the most comfortable. Halfway up the drag-lifts our hands and feet would be freezing, not to mention our poor noses. Thankfully they had the brilliant idea of putting up some fireplaces at the bottom of some of the slopes, so I think I spent more time by the fire than actually skiing :)

The views, however, can be stunning ...

We were lucky to have had sunny days through most of the week, and were really able to enjoy the scenery.

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Katrinshine said...

So beautiful photos!!!