Wednesday, March 10, 2010

tallinn in winter

Before flying out to Kittila we decided to go a day early and spend it in Tallinn. We enjoyed it so much last September, and it seemed like the kind of place that would be amazing in winter.

We weren't wrong about that, the city looked like a winter fairytale, covered in white. We wandered about Old Town, went up to Toompea to photograph the views, revisited all the craft shops and lovely cafés that we remembered from last time (Pierre Chocolaterie and Kehrwieder are even cozier in winter), strolled down to the harbor and walked around the gardens outside the city walls.

Food-wise it was even better. We had dinner (once more) at Olde Hansa, and since this time we had friends with us, we were able to order one of their feasts (way too much food, I have to say). Kaerajaan, right on the main square, was a very nice surprise, we loved the atmosphere and the food.

More photos here

:: view from Toompea hill

:: on Viru street

:: main square

:: yeah, I guess it was cold ...

:: from Toompea

:: snow white gardens outside the city walls

:: Olde Hansa

:: souvenir shop

:: the crafts stalls at Muurivahe

:: Kehrwieder café

:: having dinner at Olde Hansa

:: Town Hall (main square)

:: Katarina Käik

:: Kaerajaan


Billy said...

Tão bonito! A desculpa perfeita para usar toda a roupa tricotada à mão (ao mesmo tempo!).

Sharon said...

Fantastic photos! Thanks.

Nutsue said...

Wonderful pictures! I would love to see it!

Anita P. said...

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Anonymous said...

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Nuria said...

I would love to visit Tallin!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Andrew Petcher said...

Looks lovely - I visited in December but sadly no snow!