Sunday, August 28, 2005

malas / bags

just a quick post before going to the training course in London later today ... finished a few more bags, so here they are:

#25, order from R.

#26, a birthday present for C.

#27, order from A.

#28, order from S.

and an update of cover #70, added a couple of flowers to the design:


Friday, August 26, 2005

a few more covers

I've been desperately trying to finish a few more orders this week, because the next 3 weeks I won't be around much ... at the last minute I've been scheduled to go to London for a training course, coming back on Thursday night just in time to celebrate my b-day on Friday with friends and family... And then it's 2 weeks of very much deserved vacation :-) I'm taking dad for a few days' visit to Spain and then A. and I will be off to a tour of Germany and Austria (yes, I know, it's where everything is flooded right now ... I'm hoping it gets better during the next week)
So to everyone who has been waiting for their orders, please have a little more patience, I promise I'll take care of it as soon as I come back. And I'll post a few more things during the weekend before I go ...

#67, order from T.

#68, order from P.

#69 and #70, orders from C.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

gilmore girls

Ok, this has absolutely made my day .. just checked amazon and Gilmore Girls fourth season is being released next month !!!!!!!!!!
I am truly obsessed with this series, it's the best I've watched in a long time, it makes me laugh and cry at the same time, and those mother-daughter dialogues are just brilliant ...
Needless to say I've already pre-ordered it :-)


thursday craft gallery

following candlemomomo's example, I've decided to have a weekly post dedicated to showing off what wonderful things are created by talented people all over this crafty-blog world ... here are some of the things I loved this week:

the gorgeous crocheted dolls from ohsewpretty

eendar's new figurine .. don't you just love the little birdy ?

and the new map inspired illustrations by wishes & heros ...


capa #66 / cover #66

encomenda da S. / order from S.

A new cat design with another of my favourite fabrics :-)


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

mail day

my trade from Fafi has arrived ... and it came full of beautiful things: my new t-shirt stenciled by her (with a cat design, of course :-), little traditional dollies and a noise making toy that my cats really enjoyed ;-)
All the way from Brasil .. thanks Fafi, I loved everything !

Sushi loved the t-shirt, of course ...

and a couple of new fabrics ... I love these butterflies:


capa #65 e mala #24

encomendas da C. / orders from C.

I love this blue cats' fabric, with this one I might even make a cover for myself ;-)


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

joaninha voa voa

gostei especialmente de fazer esta (#63)....

e aqui está o resto das encomendas da A. (#62 e #64)

e a da R. (#61)


Monday, August 22, 2005

yin & yang


quinta da regaleira, sintra

on Saturday we had another fantastic bookcrossing event, this time at Quinta da Regaleira, in Sintra...

and here's a photo of the village palace in Sintra:

For all photos, check here

More information on the palace here

#60 capa com caranguejo

uma das encomendas da A.


ar de graça

e ainda na sexta feira fui tomar um cházinho com a simpatiquíssima Ana, do ar de graça, que me entregou a minha troca ... esta cesta linda feita de sacos plásticos reutilizados. Obrigada Ana, adorei :-)


Friday, August 19, 2005


just saw this (via tania) and it really made me laugh, so I thought I'd just post it here before going for the weekend :-)

CATPRIN, a site that sells costumes for cats ... check out these cats all dressed up ... if I tried doing this to Sushi or Amélie I don't think the costume would last 30 seconds (assuming I could even put it on)


lymond covers

A couple of months ago I finally managed to purchase the whole set of the Chronicles of Lymond books by Dorothy Dunnet. I've started reading some of T's borrowed copies, but the series is so good that I had to get my own copies, of course ;-) I got them on eBay, really cheap, but the problem is that the editions were somewhat old (1973), not in the best of conditions and have really cheesy covers ...

And because it takes me such a long time to read one of these (Lymond has to be read slowly ...), and I was afraid to damage these copies more, I decided to make some japanse style covers for volumes III (currently reading) and IV (to take with me on vacation).

So the result was this:



Finally last week we chose and approved the budget for the last thing we needed to decide on for our new appartment ... the kitchen furniture !!
I'm so relieved you can't believe it ... the delay in construction is almost 2 years now, and a few months back I thought it would never be finished. Now, with some luck, it seems we'll be able to move sometime at the beginning of next year :-)

Anyway, here's the design of what we chose ...

right side:

left side:


Thursday, August 18, 2005

more orders

last night I managed to finish several things that my friends had ordered ...

a bunny cover for M. to give to a friend ...

a hardcover size cover with flowers for C.

and two handbags of the blue animal printed fabric, one with a felt flower for A., and one with a fabric flower for C.

it was a very productive evening :-)


crafty people

had to post here about some really lovely stuff that's being made out there in the crafty world ...

first, these lovely hairties and hairpins made by the talented candlemomo. You can buy these here

ElisabethD, who makes the most wonderful amigurumi ... like these


and Ana Lua, who hand paints the most incredible handbags, incense smokers, and lots of other stuff