Tuesday, May 29, 2007

last batch

Just finished the last batch of these (#69)

and these (#68)

and probably these ...

(all very delayed orders, I'm ashamed to admit)
I've run out of these fabrics for now, so I'm afraid I won't be able to make more. Thanks to everyone who sent me e-mails inquiring recently (these seem to be the most popular models), I will let you know if I ever can get my hands on some more.

And a shop update will be coming soon, I promise. Now, back to the sewing machine ...

Monday, May 28, 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007

on heroes and others

I don't talk much about tv series here, but truth be known I'm addicted to them. And I like to craft and watch tv at the same time, so give me a good tv series and some knitting and I'm all happy.

So last night during another dim sum dinner with friends, some of them had such distinct opinions on the season finale of Heroes - which I couldn't comment because I hadn't seen it yet - that I arrived home and had to watch it at once. Unfortunately, I have to agree, it's quite bad. All that plot building throughout the whole series and this is how it ends ? I think they could've done better, much better. On the other hand, the S6 of 24, which was quite bad most of the time, had a somewhat unexpected finale, and I'm mildly curious about Jack Bauer's next thing. Also, a quick note for BSG S3, which I thought had a good start but totally sucked at the end. For later tonight I've saved Grey's Anatomy S3 finale - this season was probably the best one for me so far - and Gilmore Girls S7 series finale - I'm sad it's finished, but it's probably for the best since this last season was just not quite the same.

And to finish during the weekend, the last season of the West Wing, which has to be one of my all time favorite tv series (thanks to my friends who insisted on introducing me to it). I've been watching it non stop from season 1 since last year and I can't say exactly what it is that makes me enjoy it so much. Well, the brilliant and fast paced dialogues might have something to do with it. And I guess the excellent acting and constant quality of the episodes. Anyway, I have 12 episodes left to watch, and I'm already missing it.

There's loads of other series I've been meaning to see, and just didn't have the time yet. I have these saved up for the summer already: Studio 60, House S3, Brothers & Sisters, Weeds (1 & 2), Rome S2, the Tudors. See, I did tell you I enjoyed watching tv, right ? I know I'm hopeless, I truly do (but no more than a few other people I know .. right, girls ?).

But I'll leave you with two recommendations for BBC series I've watched recently, which you must see if you haven't already. After many suggestions on this post, I decided to try out Wives & Daughters (Elizabeth Gaskell) and Our Mutual Friend (Dickens). What can I say ? They're both excellent, although Our Mutual Friend totally blew my mind. The acting, the characterization, the plot (hey, it's Dickens, although I'm ashamed to say I never did finish this book), the whole setting is amazingly well done. And Anna Friel and Steven McKintosh are the perfect Bella and John, although I also enjoyed the rest of the cast so much. I'm trying to get my hands on a few more period/costume series, particularly The Aristocrats and the rest of the House of Elliot, but right now on top on my to-be-seen pile is Bleak House, Upstairs Downstairs and Elizabeth I (2005).

So that's my take on tv blurb at the moment. Can't believe I wrote a whole post about it. Sorry, next week we'll resume our usual program of craft related posts, promise.
(But if you have any more good recommendations, please do let me know :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

the other Tord plate

Remember the Tord plate I got before last Christmas ? Well, a few months ago I went into the same store, and couldn't resist getting the other matching plate.

Beautiful, right ?

I have one on top of our amplifier right now, and guess who likes to sit on it ?

(and if, like me, you love Tord's designs, check out this recent post at desire to inspire)

Monday, May 21, 2007

barcelona highlights

being with friends that we missed so much

this thing is never going to be finished, is it ?

good live music at the Harlem jazz club

a lovely visit to the Botanical garden

chocolate addiction ...
this quote at Cacao Sampaka made me laugh out loud (how true, isn't it ?)

and where I had the best chocolate ice cream of my life

on sunday morning, a short visit to the MNAC

and to end the weekend, a really good tapas restaurant (yummy)

plus, some shopping visits here, here and here

Thursday, May 17, 2007

pocket bag #2

freshly made, for my cousin A. from Toronto, who I'm so excited to finally meet tomorrow. She's on holiday in Spain right now, and we've agreed to meet in Barcelona, so that's where I'm headed for the next few days. I haven't seen her in almost four years, so I'm really looking forward to it.

And here's Sushi trying to sneak in and come with us. Sorry kitty, but you'll have to stay and guard the house.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I am

in ♥ with the latest boden catalogue ...

I have so many favorites that it's impossible to choose (good thing, since their clothes are so expensive). But looking at it just makes me yearn so much for flowery dresses, summer tops and swirly skirts for this next season ... I have a feeling I might be starting sewing a few of my own summer clothes very, very soon...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

news + shopping

I'm finally back home, can you believe that ? I almost stayed for a few more days, since the project go live date was postponed once more, but I have to be somewhere else by the end of this week (this time on pleasure) so I just had to come back. I arrived this morning so I'm still too jet lagged, but just wanted to share these with you. Thankfully I didn't get stopped at customs on my way out, or I might have found difficult to explain why I was carrying 15 pairs of havaianas (only a couple are for me, ok ?) and so many trims and fabrics.

(A few of these are for sale at the shop now, I restocked some that were sold out from last time, and brought home a couple of new items)

Now .. I'm going back to bed.

♥ japanese crafts magazines

no trip to S. Paulo is complete to me without a stop here.

Sewing magazine
ISBN 4-8347-5524-X

Love the clean cut of these simple dresses and tops ...

Bags by Oneshi Junko

Amazing patchwork bags

Origami Box

Not that I'm much into origami like some of my friends, but just couldn't resist this book on paper boxes. This one I'm sure I'll be using a lot in the future.