Friday, March 30, 2007

tea and crafts

Can't believe this week is almost over. Sorry about the infrequent posting, but I was so busy with work and finishing a wholesale order that I didn't have time for much else. Except for packing all the fabrics and trims that you've purchased, which I did last night, and so they're on their way now. Thanks so much for that, and I'm looking forward to see all kinds of lovely crafty items you'll make with them. Anyway, today I'm just sharing some photos of crafts that were completed recently (or not so recently, but that I forgot to post here), and of the lovely tea room we went to a couple of days ago.

My plate of spice bread looked so lovely that I had to wait for my friend S. and her camera to take a shot before I'd take a bite (more photos here)

And speaking of friends, my friend Marta is now taking custom orders for stamps (I do love mine so much), so what are you waiting for ? Just drop her an e-mail if you're interested.

This weekend I'm going fabric shopping with the girls (yes, I know ... but I'm not planning on buying much *crossed fingers*), to finally see Patricia's lovely shop and a quick visit to this fair.

.. bookcover #261

.. bookcovers #259 and #260

.. matching set: bag #98, bookcover #258 and pouch #43, available atPrquenos Artistas

.. bags #96 and #97, available at Maçã Riscada, and #93 available at Afinal de Contas


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

shopping therapy

S. Paulo doesn't really offer much on sightseeing (actually, almost nothing) so the only thing there is to do is eat (all sorts of restaurants available) and go shopping. And especially if you're into crafts, there's quite a few places to visit. I've mentioned a few before, but the 25 de Março area is always full of surprises so it's worth poking around a bit.
Also, I found more shops that sell origami paper, both in Liberdade: Haikai (in the Sogo Shopping Plaza) and Fonomag (the bookshop I've mentioned here before, that's where I found the Hello Kitty paper)

A few of the things I got for myself and requests from friends (yeah, my bags were bursting, and I'm sure I passed the weight limit too)

* the above adorable kokeshi doll is from Japan Society, where I always go to purchase t-shirts for A. and dad.

* a box of thread spools, two in every possible color
(from Armarinhos Santa Terezinha, Rua 25 de Março, 1031)

* havaianas for F. and origami paper for myself and a few friends

* fabrics from 25 de Março (several shops)

* and more fabrics, this time from the patchwork show

* finally, my obsession with trims continues

Now, I know that I got way too many fabrics and trims, but I thought I'd get some extra yardage to sell on the shop (they're available now). I usually get many e-mails about fabrics, where I buy them and if I sell them, and it's true that here in Portugal we have a limited choice, so I thought it would be nice if anytime I travel and have the chance to bring some extra fabric back home I'd share that on the shop (also, if no one is interested .. well, more fabric for me, right ? I knew this was a good excuse .. and you know I'll use them up .. eventually)

Monday, March 26, 2007

weekend ...

back in Lisbon since Saturday, and although a bit jet lagged, enjoyed the weekend just the same (a visit to this fair, another to this exhibit and dim sum lunch and origami session with friends)

The rubber stamp was a gift from Marta, hand carved by her and inspired on the William Morris flowers I had on my blog background before. It's beautiful, and I love it, thank you so much


Thursday, March 22, 2007

brasil patchwork show

Ahhh, thankfully this week is passing by quicker than the last one. Not that I have much reason to complain, but I'm all ready to go back home now, you know ... I miss my husband, my friends, family, my home, my bed, the cats, just about everything. I guess I could never be one of those career women that travel all the time and live off a suitcase ... Anyway, but this week has been great. I had dinner with Glá and R. a couple of nights ago, at the fantastic Santa Gula restaurant, in Vila Madalena. Very, very good. I'll remember that pistachio créme brulêe for a long time, I'm sure.

And last night I went to the Brasil Patchwork Show, which luckily happened here in S. Paulo during my trip. It was the first time this event took place, so I wasn't expecting much. The exhibition was small, but a few of the more known patchwork shops were there, and since I didn't have the time to visit them before, it was great to be able to check them all out in one place.

A lot of beautiful fabrics were for sale

I especially loved this stand, with Robert Kauffman oriental fabrics on display

And there was also a small quilt exhibit. Most of the work was very traditional, and not quite my style, but these were my favorites

details of that first quilt, I must have stared at it for some good 10 minutes

And of course I bought quite a few fabrics, just couldn't resist them. I especially recommend this store and this one, they had such a variety that it was quite hard to choose.

Definitely worth the visit, even if it was a small exhibit, so if you're in the neighborhood, don't miss it.

dragon eyes

speaking of strange fruits, I wonder how many of you know of or have tried this one ? It's one of my favorites, but I never get it in Portugal, so whenever I find it somewhere else I get all excited. It's called longan or dragon eyes, and it's from Asian origin. Pretty much like lychees (fresh lychees, of course, not the canned ones) but I like their taste better.

mercado municipal (S. Paulo)

Every time I come to S. Paulo, people tell me I should visit the municipal market. Yesterday I finally had the time, so we went for lunch there. It reminds me a bit of La Boqueria, but not as big. I do love visiting markets, though, I think there are always interesting things to see (and buy).

Like this huge variety of spices

or the fact that there was more smoked codfish here than I've ever seen in Portugal

and this strange fruit (Pitaya)

But actually the best, and one of the things the market is known for, was lunch ... codfish pastry and huge portions of ham sandwich. So, just one word of advice, if you're on a diet, don't come here ...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

snapshots of curitiba

The first time I went to Curitiba was over 15 years ago, and I have very few memories of that visit. But I have a lot of family there, so this time since I was staying here for two weeks I decided I should take the opportunity and go down for another visit. I mean, I have cousins there that I haven't seen since that first time, so you can imagine what a great family reunion that was. We talked, and talked and talked .. and ate, and ate and ate (why is it that family reunions always involve a lot of eating ? at least in my family it always does). My aunts spoiled me rotten, that's all I can say.

And on Sunday they drove me around town, and visited a few landmarks. Like the Embratel tower, from where you get a view of the skyline (above).

The city is known for their good public transportation system, and the thing I thought was most curious were the bus stops (they have these cylinder type bus stops all around the city)

And a short trip to the famous arts and crafts fair, the Feirinha do Largo da Ordem, which was crowded beyond belief, but where you can buy all sorts of trinkets and handmade goods. I managed to get out with only a few magnets for my fridge collection.

Although I really liked this bag...

And I had just enough time to see this before I went to the airport, the wire opera house (Ópera de Arame), a very peculiar concert hall.

It was a great weekend... I promise I won't let another 15 years go by without coming back.