Friday, March 30, 2007

tea and crafts

Can't believe this week is almost over. Sorry about the infrequent posting, but I was so busy with work and finishing a wholesale order that I didn't have time for much else. Except for packing all the fabrics and trims that you've purchased, which I did last night, and so they're on their way now. Thanks so much for that, and I'm looking forward to see all kinds of lovely crafty items you'll make with them. Anyway, today I'm just sharing some photos of crafts that were completed recently (or not so recently, but that I forgot to post here), and of the lovely tea room we went to a couple of days ago.

My plate of spice bread looked so lovely that I had to wait for my friend S. and her camera to take a shot before I'd take a bite (more photos here)

And speaking of friends, my friend Marta is now taking custom orders for stamps (I do love mine so much), so what are you waiting for ? Just drop her an e-mail if you're interested.

This weekend I'm going fabric shopping with the girls (yes, I know ... but I'm not planning on buying much *crossed fingers*), to finally see Patricia's lovely shop and a quick visit to this fair.

.. bookcover #261

.. bookcovers #259 and #260

.. matching set: bag #98, bookcover #258 and pouch #43, available atPrquenos Artistas

.. bags #96 and #97, available at Maçã Riscada, and #93 available at Afinal de Contas



.. said...

Hmm, fabric shopping... :) Want to make a fabrico-holics pact? we don´t let each other buy anything. Unless it is totally perfect. Or almost out. Or just arrived. Or just too cute. Força....

Sandra Dias said...

love the bookcover 260!

Anonymous said...

love that tea room!!

and how lovely is that bag/bookcover set!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Fiquei com imensa curiosidade em relação ao Tearoom. Vi o site e achei-o esteticamente muito suave e harmonioso.

ruthie said...

oh too bad I missed the fabric sale :-(
I love your blog. I make totes and journal covers too. Your dolls are the cutest!!
the tearoom looks very pretty and relaxing :-)