Thursday, October 09, 2008

the corset pullover

Ufff .. so I decided I just had to finish this piece before going on vacation tomorrow, and it actually just took a few hours last night while catching up with a couple of my favorite series.

I'm sooo glad it's done, this will be my last project in cotton for a long time and next summer I'll probably just stick to a small piece or two - it really gives me no pleasure to work with anything non woolly.

That said, I just noticed that I've omitted a few things, including the lace edges at the necklines which was unintentional. Maybe I'll end up making them one of these days, but for now I'm thrilled with this result.

Other changes, which I decided to do after seeing all the other finished items on Ravelry: lengthened the body quite a bit, and decreased the number of stitches on the center panel (so it wouldn't be falling off my shoulders all the time). Totally forgot to make the first section of short rows and ditched the cinch straps altogether. Despite all my complaints about cotton, this yarn is actually nice, very soft and didn't stretch much after washing.

Pattern: Corset Pullover, by Robin Melanson, from IK Knits Spring 03
Yarn: Schachenmayr Nomotta Punto (9 skeins)
Needles: 4.5 mm
Ravelry link here

Ok, now I have to go and finish my packing... see you back in a week or so !

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


(more about my recent stash increase, it seems I have enough to keep me busy all winter, right ?)

Here is my current wip ... still lacking a sleeve which I haven't had the patience to tackle so I've started some new Fall projects instead, the excuse being that I needed a new project to take on our upcoming trip to Italy.

And because knitting is all the crafting I've been doing lately, here's some recent purchases that I can't wait to use. Notice a certain color predominance ? I'm so glad that purple is so fashionable this season ...


I had totally forgotten to blog about this, until I recently did a cleaning spree in my studio and found a box full of yummy icelandic wool...

On our last day in Reykjavik we stopped for some yarn shopping at the Alafoss outlet in nearby Mosfellsbær, as recommended to me by Icelandic knitters at the Ravelry forums. It is quite a knitter's paradise, as you can see ...

I have high dreams of knitting a lopapeysa (more examples here) or maybe an Aftur Sweater (like this one, or this one) so I splurged on lots of Lett-Lopi and some Kambgarn

and of course, I also couldn't resist a few plates of Plotulopi. This is unspun bulky icelandic yarn, and it was so cheap I probably would've brought much more if we still had any space left on our suitcases.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The (aprés surf) hoodie

All my crafting efforts recently were focused on this, so I'm really glad and proud it's now finished. This was my first lace project, and although enjoyable it also took much longer than I thought. It did turn out very nice, and because of the yarn, it's very, very comfy to wear.

Pattern: Aprés Surf Hoodie, by Connie Chang Chinchio, from Interweave Knits Summer 08
Size: 31.5
Yarn: Rowan RYC Cashcotton 4 Ply, color Vivid (6 skeins)
Needles: 3.25 mm
Ravelry link here

Changes: Gauge was somewhat off (I think 24 sts instead of 26) but it turned out a perfect 32 size which is what I intended. I lengthened the body a bit by knitting an extra pattern repeat before starting the decreases and I didn't switch to the smaller needles for the hood. And the neckband is only one inch tall instead of the suggested 1 1/2 inches. Apart from that, the pattern is very well written and constructed, and this piece is already a favorite in my wardrobe.

hello :)

Hello everyone, how are you all ? This blog break ended up much longer than I had anticipated, no problems or anything major happened (thanks for the messages of concern though) but I just needed to take a break. Anyway, now that Fall is finally here (it IS my favorite season) my blogging need seems to be coming back, and hopefully my inspiration as well.
Not much crafting news, although I have a hoodie to show you (coming up next), an almost corset pullover, and lots of yarn purchases. And in the meantime I've turned 35, which is quite a scary number but I'm getting used to it. On the other hand I did get awesome presents this year, including my new favorite camera (so retro looking, and did I mention it has an F2.0 lens ? A. truly spoils me) so expect somewhat better pictures on this blog soon ...

some new things to read and watch ...

and since I have friends who know me so well, last week I had a really wonderful massage at this spa (thank you guys, it was exactly what I needed :)

finally because I just have to show you, and mention I'm an absolute fan of Jenny's work, here's a pic of my new wiksten dress