Monday, February 26, 2007


So I thought I'd tackle some corners of the house this weekend that needed a bit of organizing .. and what a better place to start than my case of trims ?
It was looking a bit messy ...

but after a while it was looking like this

and this

Granted, all the trims wouldn't fit into one case anymore so I had to get a second one (from the kid's section at Zara Home, they have such cute stuff. The purple one came from Maize, and I love it)

Now, if I could only organize the stash of fabrics just as neatly ...


weekend walk

around the block to watch the sunset ...


weekend baking

applesauce cake (recipe from martha, via simple sparrow)

and bagels, once more


Friday, February 23, 2007


I thought I'd post some wip photos of the ripple blanket from time to time, so it would be sort of a motivational thing for me to finish it. Every time I sit on the living room sofa (where the blanket is currently stashed) I crochet a few rows, but still it seems like it's going to take me forever. I'm quite pleased about how it's turning out though, considering I don't have a color chart planned out and I choose every color as I go.

And I started on granny squares as well (I blame it on Lyn this time) but that's going to take me even longer, I'm afraid ... this crochet fever must be something very catchy indeed ;)


bookcovers .. more and more

still working on bookcovers, here are some of my late favorites

#250, for Cyn

#252 #253


more: #246, #247, #248 #249


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I really needed a new bag

or at least, that's what I keep saying to myself (A. would disagree, since he knows how many bags I have stored in the closet)
Well, my excuse was that I really like using hip length strap handbags, and I don't own many of those.

So I made this in corduroy, tweed and a mix of some favorite fabrics

With a couple of pockets in the front, perfect to store my moleskine and notebook.

And it matches my scarf, by the way.

Hope you all had a nice Carnival. It's probably my least favorite holiday (never really enjoyed it, not even when I was a kid) but it was certainly nice to have the day off :)


flowers at home

valentine flowers

(came all the way from Brazil and is still thriving)

and our camelia is blooming


Friday, February 16, 2007

marie clarie idées spring/07

Not sure when this issue came out, but I just picked up my copy yesterday. I haven't looked at it properly yet, but the article called "L'atelier de couture" has to be one of my favorites. Such beautiful ideas for the craft room ... *sigh*

Just look at this, everything so neatly organized

or this (love this idea, actually)

and to store our knitting needles, just perfect

and a few more ideas, all of them so inspiring

(this last photo is from another article, but I just love the colors on it)

Humm, I think the studio is in bad need of some re-organizing this weekend (which reminds me, I haven't taken any photos to show here yet, must do that soon)

Have a great weekend ♥


Thursday, February 15, 2007

ripple everywhere

Have you noticed the ripple craze that has taken over the crafty blog land lately ? Jane and Alicia are to blame, of course, their rippling effect is just too addictive. My own blanket is finally starting to show some growth, but it will be a while before I finish it. And because I'm usually so impatient to finish something, I had to go for a scarf version of the ripples at once.

I just love these colors combined, it's like cotton candy for the eyes.

A few rows of double crochet ...

and voilá, I gave myself a new scarf.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

♥ valentine bunny

now, we don't really much care about valentine's day around here ... and the whole exaggerated marketing around it just tends to irritate me (do people actually buy all that stuff ? I can't help but wonder sometimes). But this week I was inspired to make this. For A., of course.


Friday, February 09, 2007

random bits of craft

Just thought I'd share some random bits of craft that were completed recently. This week I had a wholesale order to complete (valentine's day deadline !) so that's all I had time to work on, but I'll start on the rest of the orders soon, I promise. Some items that are now available at the Anthrop space, in Coimbra, are this matching set of patchwork bag, bookcover and small pouches, and this IKEA inspired black and white bag.

Espaço Anthrop
R. da Alegria n 95/97
3000-018 Coimbra

And a swap I sent out a while ago to Singapore. I love this fabric, it reminds me of Holly Hobby for some reason, which was a childhood favorite.

ah, and it's the weekend again ... if it doesn't rain, maybe I'll go out and try those inline skates.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

shopping in barcelona

A summary of our shopping spree on Saturday morning ... just thought I'd mention the shops and addresses here in case anyone is going to Barcelona soon and might be interested.

c/ Banys Nous 20

My favorite store has to be this tiny japanese shop, and who can blame me ? As you can see, I had to bring these three beautiful fabrics and sets of scraps. The fabrics are very expensive (15-23 €/m) but you know how obsessed I am with oriental fabrics and these were irresistible.


♥ Antigua Pasamaneria J. Soler
Plaça del Pi, 2

This antique trim shop is priceless. But I was a good girl and managed to leave with just these cute trims below...

antiga pasamaneria j solerantiga pasamaneria j soler

Petritxol, 11

humm... chocolate ... no need to say anything else, right ? Just that if you go there, you must try the raspberry chocolate treat, it's heavenly (see photo below). We haven't sampled the chocolate bars yet, but they look promising: jamaica pepper, ginger and 90% dark chocolate.

Rambla Catalunya, 81

I love this store, ever since I first visited one in London ages ago. Their clean design and simple aesthetics really appeal to me, which is weird because I love color so much. What I couldn't resist this time: some notebooks (for A.), origami paper and several pens.

Comtal, 27

An amazing paper boutique. I didn't buy any, but I did find the Lisbon moleskine edition there ...