Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mitered baby blanket

It's finally done, and I have to say I'm most pleased with the result !
Knitting these mitered squares was actually kind of addictive, and I might be tempted to make an adult-sized version in the future (not with baby yarn, though, that would probably drive me crazy ...)

I knitted 16 squares total, seamed 4 blocks of 4 squares each, blocked each of these pieces and then seamed it all together.

For the border I was going to do a 5 stitch i-cord edge, but realized that was going to take me forever so I did 5 rows of single crochet instead (and look how good that turned out :)

I mainly used leftover yarns, and I'm very pleased with the Drops Baby Merino (so soft) and Katia Caricia (also 100% merino). The pale beige yarn is Lopo Xavier Phoebus, another yarn I'm really loving at the moment.

Pattern: Based on the Mitered Square Blanket , by Mason Dixon.
I didn't actually have the pattern, but this is what I did for each square:
  • CO 72 sts
  • R1 and all odd rows: purl, placing marker in middle (after 36 sts) on R1
  • R2 and all even rows: knit until 2 sts before marker, ssk, slip marker, k2tog, knit to end
  • When you have 4 sts left (right side) : ssk, k2tog, and then on the next row (wrong side): p2tog
Needles: 3.5 mm
  • Katia Caricia in red (1.1 skeins)
  • Katia Caricia in grey (1.1 skeins)
  • Drops Baby Merino in white (0.7 skeins)
  • Drops Baby Merino in brown (0.7 skeins)
  • Drops Baby Merino in beige (0.7 skeins)
  • Lopo Xavier Phoebus in pale beige (0.7 skeins)
Final dimensions are about 83 x 83 cm.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Forgot to add these on yesterday's post .. a good assistant is essential for making a successful quilt :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

baby quilt #1

Remember this doll quilt I made almost 3 years ago ? At the time I had cut enough fabric for a second piece, which I've finally assembled into a a baby quilt. Not large enough for the crib, but maybe a stroller quilt ? Anyway, I love these colors, and since it was small I decided to hand quilt it as well. Even so it took a while, so it's not something I'll likely try again soon .. the next ones will definitely be machine quilted :)

Friday, July 09, 2010

wip ... baby blankets

A few months ago, a small stash I brought home from Rosa's shop:

Then turned into this ...

Half of those blue skeins were used into this, but the rest is patiently waiting to be transformed into this

And because one blanket is not enough, I'm also working on this ...