Friday, June 30, 2006

#10 #11 Luke & Lorelai

(because I'm still mad, but hoping they end up together again ...)


wip friday

for wip friday here's one of the things I recently started. A mini baby quilt for my soon to be born nephew - I think I'll probably choose the first option ....


Thursday, June 29, 2006

bags and more bags

can't seem to stop making bags lately ... I took the plunge and decided to start on the quilted purses. I first saw these over at Blair's, who makes the most amazing ones, and then at Autum's who also posted this very helpful mini tutorial.

The red one is an order from C.. She wanted something in red, and not a tote, so we settled on this quilted square version. I quite like the way it turned out, now I must make one for myself :)

The small flowered one is for Lisa, as part of our next swap (Lisa, I hope you like it!)

and finally, a few more bags I wanted to share. I've been making a few more of #68 (with the japanese doll fabric), it seems to be a popular model. The pink and blue is an order from L., and the other two were made for F. using her own fabrics.

(and last night while I was putting the finishing touches on some of these bags I finally finished watching the last episodes of season 6 of the gilmore girls .. and now I'm so mad, mad, mad ! lorelai, how could you do this to me ? sorry, this probably doesn't make sense to most of you, but a few people will understand and I just need to vent, ok ?)


a while ago some good friends introduced us to some really great chocolate. I thought today I could return the favour, so A. and J., if you're reading this, next time we meet I'm bringing you one of these. Apparently Valrhona is the chocolate used on our favourite gourmet bonbons, and on the best chocolate cake of the world (which I have yet to try, but not for long).
(para os interessados, este chocolate pode ser encontrado aqui)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

color-iffic swaporama and other trades

what a funny coincidence ... yesterday I finished my July swap for color-iffic-swaporama (themed brown and aqua) and at the same time I received my June package (themed black, white and my own preference of color: red).

for this month I decided to make yet another softie, and because my secret recipient said she liked bunnies, I decided to go for Hillary's wee bunny pattern.

That and the tote bag are the handmade items for July's package. I didn't read the post about the melting chocolate before buying the rest of the items, so I'm going to send those anyway and I hope they'll arrive somewhat intact.

as for my June package, it came from the lovely Fabiana (Fleacircus) and it's full of amazing stuff. My favourites are these handmade items, just look at the customized handbook and the sweet hand carved stamp (not to mention all the buttons, trims, buckles and other notions that she sent for my crafting projects). Thanks so much Fabiana, this package made my week :-)

and another trade received and sent. The magic yarn ball swap was sent off yesterday. I chose to send two balls, since my pal has kids and I thought they deserved to have their own.
Mine has already arrived, the most gorgeous red sock yarn that Danni dyed herself. Danni was a sweetie and an amazing pal and sent me several surprise e-mails and comments during the swap:) Can't wait to start using it and discover what is hidden inside ...

2 reasons why I enjoy summer

(and you all know I'm much more of a winter person ...)


Monday, June 26, 2006

#8 celia the kitty

this first softie is already gone from the exhibit, but the rest are still there, so I'll be showing them off here slowly ...

wonderful news today, we seem to have sold our house already, which is not bad, considering we only had it for sale for 3 weeks. Let's the hope the deal goes through, and now we only need the gas installation to go forward at the new place so we can finally move ! I'm happy to be moving, but dreading the actual move, if you know what I mean ...

and I finally succumbed to the national hysteria of flags and scarves everywhere, and got myself a scarf today at lunchtime (no, I didn't have one) - let's see if this proves lucky for next saturday's match !

Friday, June 23, 2006

softie labels and rubber stamp

can't post the softie photos yet (exhibit opens tomorrow, so if you're going to be close by please go and take a look), but here's my brand new rubber stamp and the softie labels. Each softie comes with its own unique handmade label and one of my new printed ones.

reading wise this month has been incredibly slow (only one book read ?? this has to be a first ...) but I plan to make up for it next month. I'll try to read these books that have been forever started and never finished (girls, don't let me give up on jonathan strange, ok ?) including the other dorothy dunnett that hasn't sparked any feelings like Lymond yet.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

softie teasers

this is what I've been so busy working on during the past couple of weeks. I finished them just in time for the exhibit that's being organised by quasiloja from the 24th of June to the 31st of July. Just showing you a few teasers for now, more details and photos during the weekend...


next kal

the pattern I voted for next month's kal won, so yesterday I went to get the yarn for it .. I really love this color, let's hope this will go as sucessfully as the last one

Monday, June 19, 2006

idees vol 3

another great purchase from YesAsia

ISBN: 4529042383

more photos here


red and blue

so I didn't make any posts for last week's week of color, but here are some late entries for thursday blue and friday red ..

living room and studio painting

wip softie legs


trade from agnes

very, very busy lately, but a few things to show, so please forgive me if I don't write much and only post the photos instead ...

First, a really nice trade from Agnes arrived from Poland. Agnes was my July color-iffic-swaporama recipient, and she liked her package so much she suggested we make a fabric trade. Thanks Agnes, I enjoyed everything :-)


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

wip and other news

following Fiona's suggestion for a weekly wip post, here's a shot of my current ones that are spread on the living room floor at the moment ...

... a new set of softies, some clothing items for myself and a few bags that have been ordered or are being made for a friend.

not sure when I'll be able to finish all this though, because guess what ? we finally have the keys ! so, during the next days we'll be busy painting our new walls ...

Friday, June 09, 2006

mail goodies

this week's mail was full of nice packages, but best of all were these ...
an unexpected thank you package from Tania (you didn't have to, you know that, right ?), full of amazing goodies that I loved, of course !

and the latest cotton friend edition (06/2006) that I wasn't able to order online from any site, and so asked for momo's help who sent it from HK (and thanks for this recommendation, you were right the magazine is so inspiring !)
here are a few photos of what's inside ...