Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I really needed a new bag

or at least, that's what I keep saying to myself (A. would disagree, since he knows how many bags I have stored in the closet)
Well, my excuse was that I really like using hip length strap handbags, and I don't own many of those.

So I made this in corduroy, tweed and a mix of some favorite fabrics

With a couple of pockets in the front, perfect to store my moleskine and notebook.

And it matches my scarf, by the way.

Hope you all had a nice Carnival. It's probably my least favorite holiday (never really enjoyed it, not even when I was a kid) but it was certainly nice to have the day off :)



Anonymous said...

The Bag is really beautiful! I like the fabric combos and design.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely bag. i love the little pockets at the front to carry the essentials. and you can *never have too many bags :0)

. said...

Olá Tânia, adoro os teus novos tecidos :) keep up the good work!

Sue said...

What a beautiful bag, the fabrics are just so gorgeous. You are one very talented lady with all the wonderful items that you make.

Madame Trapo said...


Sandra Dias said...

os tecidos 'floridos' são lindos.
Mas quem é a mulher que diz que tem carteiras ou malas suficientes? Eu é que não ;-p

Suspiro de Cor said...

Adorei esta mala, assim como os pormenores dela e a conjugação dos tecidos, simplesmente magnifica.


Umbigo said...

está tão bonita, e cheia de "gavetas" como tem de ser!

Kirsten said...

This is a beautiful bag! I love the corduroy and tweed you used.