Thursday, March 01, 2007

granny squaring

so, granny squaring seems to be the latest fever, and who am I to ignore a trend like this ? I must confess that I was never very passionate about granny squares before, but after I saw Cath Kidston's blanket, which seems to be inspiring so many people, and now the blanket Alicia posted on her blog, I'm growing to like them more and more.

I had yarn left over from the scarf and I liked that combination so much that I decided to make the squares on the same colors, plus a bit of white. And then I dived into my stash and pulled out all the yarn I had in that range, so this what I have at the moment ... I think it will be enough for now.

I'm using the pattern from here, and I've been crocheting over the yarn ends so I won't have to weave them in later on, like I've seen in so many suggestions. I think this will be a blanket, but I haven't made an estimate yet of how many squares I'll need to make that happen. I think I might be a bit too afraid to find out, so for now I'm just happy making the squares one at a time. I still have no clue on what's the best way to join the squares together though, so if you have any good tips please share, I'd be very grateful.

more granny square inspiration at: molly chicken (the one I blame for this new obsession), small hands, little purl of the orient, granny squares flickr groups here and here

and my favorite, this apron from Alex (and just love the way she presented it too)



Flor said...

Nao sou grande fa de colchas aos quadrados, mas essa que a Alicia postou é linda :)

SmurfPop said...

These colours are beautiful together - what kind of yarn are you using? I might just dig out a crochet hook sometime!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'm flattered, Tania.
Have fun with the grannies, you've chosen beautiful colours!

Oiyi said...

I think the colors you chose are lovely. Can't wait to see you make more squares.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tania,
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