Thursday, March 22, 2007

brasil patchwork show

Ahhh, thankfully this week is passing by quicker than the last one. Not that I have much reason to complain, but I'm all ready to go back home now, you know ... I miss my husband, my friends, family, my home, my bed, the cats, just about everything. I guess I could never be one of those career women that travel all the time and live off a suitcase ... Anyway, but this week has been great. I had dinner with Glá and R. a couple of nights ago, at the fantastic Santa Gula restaurant, in Vila Madalena. Very, very good. I'll remember that pistachio créme brulêe for a long time, I'm sure.

And last night I went to the Brasil Patchwork Show, which luckily happened here in S. Paulo during my trip. It was the first time this event took place, so I wasn't expecting much. The exhibition was small, but a few of the more known patchwork shops were there, and since I didn't have the time to visit them before, it was great to be able to check them all out in one place.

A lot of beautiful fabrics were for sale

I especially loved this stand, with Robert Kauffman oriental fabrics on display

And there was also a small quilt exhibit. Most of the work was very traditional, and not quite my style, but these were my favorites

details of that first quilt, I must have stared at it for some good 10 minutes

And of course I bought quite a few fabrics, just couldn't resist them. I especially recommend this store and this one, they had such a variety that it was quite hard to choose.

Definitely worth the visit, even if it was a small exhibit, so if you're in the neighborhood, don't miss it.


Lolita Blahnik said...

You are lucky to assit to such a big patchwork event... hope you enjoy it!

Oiyi said...

Oh, all the eye candy! Thank you for sharing.

Eglair Quicolli said...

pelo visto foi muito boa a feira!!!

adorei nosso jantar e conversa


Sue said...

It looks like a wonderful show. I am surprised you are allowed to take pics though. Over here we are not allowed to take any of the exhibits or the quilts. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week too.

Jóias de Sonhos said...

Passa também na minha Bola Mágica de Prata e Cor-de-rosa. Entra e explora. Em cada janela vais descobrir Joias e outros Sonhos . Talvez queiras realizar um sonho teu ou o de alguém que ames...

Bons Sonhos

Anonymous said...

que sorte que tens...viajar e ver esses tecidos fantásticos, deve ter sido uma boa feira!

Anonymous said...

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. said...

Que bom é passar por aqui e receber este "banho" de novidades :)