Monday, March 05, 2007

a full weekend

wow, thanks for all the bedroom love, here and at flickr. You've probably noticed already that I played with the blog template a bit. Just felt it was time for a change around here... I'll probably miss the William Morris flowers but this cleaner look seems to suit me better.

We had a full weekend, not much to say but here are a few photos:

* a beautiful wedding (congratulations cousin V. :) more photos of the lovely day here

* with a full lunar eclipse on top

* and on sunday, just enough time to rest from all the festivities and watch some of these

(thanks X. for the BBC recommendations, and C. for the Deepa Mehta ones)

And how was your weekend ?


fantasma said...

O meu busy, quase não parei em casa. Ficou-me a fazer falta a parte do teu domingo, de ficar em casa na ronha e a ver uns filmezitos :)

Anonymous said...

The music from the film 'Earth' is in my top ten.

Flor said...

O meu foi calminho. Acabei por não ir a Girona, visitei uns museus e vi mais umas séries ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the new mast head and design!

Lolita Blahnik said...

Ohhhh! I loved so much the old flowers.
I just tried to show your wonderful template to my boyfriend last night to explaind him which kind of template I liked and I realiced you had changed it!!!
This is also a good new look ;)

Anonymous said...

Já há algum tempo que visito o teu blog e queria dar-te os Parabéns pelas coisas lindíssimas que fazes. Queria igualmente saber os preços das capas dos livros, que simplesmente adorei. Maria João