Thursday, May 17, 2007

pocket bag #2

freshly made, for my cousin A. from Toronto, who I'm so excited to finally meet tomorrow. She's on holiday in Spain right now, and we've agreed to meet in Barcelona, so that's where I'm headed for the next few days. I haven't seen her in almost four years, so I'm really looking forward to it.

And here's Sushi trying to sneak in and come with us. Sorry kitty, but you'll have to stay and guard the house.


jen said...

lovely bag. i love the style and fabrics. your cousin is lucky to be the recipient of such a warm, hand-made item.

Unknown said...

A mala ficou muito bonita.

computerarte said...

Linda a mala, Tânia. Adorei a combinação dos tecidos!

.. said...

está lindo, e a foto da sushi está brilhante!

Anonymous said...

Os meus gatos são iguais, não podem ver um saco/carteira/mala abertos, têm logo de ir a correr lá para dentro. :)

Boa viagem!!

Flor said...

Gatos ;-)
Boa viagem e diverte-te :-)

Sandra Dias said...

A mala é linda.
Parece-me que a Susshi está a tentar convencer os donos a levarem-na: 'Fico bem aqui, não fico?'

ruthie said...

el bolso es precioso!!! I've seen some cats do the same thing and it's so funny :-)
pásalo bien con tu prima en Barcelona ;-)

Sue said...

The bag looks wonderful. Pity they dont make fabric cat carrying bags, or you could pop her in and take your kitty on a little holiday too. She looks so cute trying to stow away in there.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just found your blog through the 'trims' group in Flickr. :D

I read your previous post on new photo frames on the wall and I thought that look strangely familiar.

Excepts, your photos look so much more artistically done & arranged. :D

I love your bookcovers and nice looking bag there! :D

Gabriela said...

A tua prima vai amar, de certeza!