Tuesday, October 04, 2005

marie claire idées

discovered thanks to T., who lent me this fantastic crafts magazine, and after browsing it I just had to go to the mall during lunchtime in search for my own copy ... it's the marie claire idées fall '05 issue, and it's full of great ideas and inspirations. Here are some of my favourites ... I didn't take photos of the dogs' pages, but T., who loves dogs as much as I love cats, has some photos here and here

flower hat and winter handbags

colorful boots for the rain

and bookcovers, of course ;-)

embroidery pochette



fantasma said...

Gosto muito do chapéu e da malinha logo a seguir :o)

Amy said...

I've never seen that mag. before. That first handbag is especially beautiful.

.. said...

Adoro essa revista! E aindei à caça de números antigos na ebay, mas aparentemente essa revista é um grande investimento ;)

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhh as botas as botas. eu tenho que ter essas botas. Um par de cada!!!