Monday, March 06, 2006

march is green

I knew that seven days of intensive shiatsu classes were not going to be easy, but I never thought I'd be so happy when Friday night came and I was able to finally go home. Don't get me wrong, the classes were amazing, I learnt so much from these two incredible teachers (uma notinha para o A.: adorei o Alex, foi exactamente o oposto da ideia que me tinhas dado ;-) and my colleagues are great, but by mid week I really missed A., my cats, my bed, home sweet home ... this residencial gave me a complete different perspective of shiatsu and how I should do my practice, and although I know I won't complete the course this year at least now I'm more motivated to continue.

so the weekend was spent crafting, what else ? me and some of the girls had a really nice time on saturday, trying all different sorts of crafting experiences and drooling over the most recent japanese and french magazines we had ordered. The meeting was at my place, and the perfect way to spend a rainy saturday.

the result was that I finished everything for march's color-iffic swap-o-rama, and the package is all ready to go :-)

here is what's handmade:
- crocheted hat
- beads bracelet (with the fabulous help of S. and W.)
- macrame millefiori bracelet
- robot keyring (sort of a robot, I really tried but it didn't come out as expected :P)
- felted flower brooch



.. said...

Adoro o robot! Adoro tudo de facto :) E obrigada pela hospitalidade

Anonymous said...

OMG Loving your robot and the needle felted flowers.

Flor said...

Yep! O sábado foi muito bom, temos mesmo de combinar mais vezes. Vamo-nos revezando em casa umas das outras, não achas? :-)
Obrigada por tudo! :-*

penduraocalhas said...

adorei o s teus bookcovers, são muito porreiros.ainda conheço pouca coisa,estou a tentar integrar-me no meio mas qnd vi os bookcovers decidi comentar.(se me quiseres visitar estou no temos pouca coisa inserida mas dá-nos uma piscadela.