Wednesday, April 12, 2006

o meu primeiro livro de costura

first of all, alice would like to thank all who made such nice comments about her here and here ... she's still blushing from all the praise **
for those who have asked, I will make a couple of mousies for sale soon, and if there's enough interest I might think about making a few more.

and yesterday T. found me the most wonderful surprise at the flea market, a copy of one of my favourite books from childhood. It's called "O meu primeiro livro de costura", by Janet Barber ("My learn to sew book"), and browsing through it filled me with nostalgia. I remember I tried to make a Tina doll several times, but somehow it never came out well *sigh*. I wonder if I should make another try now ...

speaking about books, I've been stuck with the ones listed at the right for quite a while now. I've been sneaking lots of other books in between, but mostly chic lit or other comfort reading which is all my head can take right now ... I started October Horse while I was watching HBO's series Rome which was a great timing, and because I had enjoyed the previous volumes so much I thought it would be non stop reading (I stopped when Caesar was still in Egypt). And Philippa Gregory's latest just doesn't seem to be working for me either, so following Alicia's suggestion and a conversation over tea with T. yesterday, I decided to get a copy of Prep today at lunchtime which I started to read immediately and I guess will be my easter read.

also, my green and purple package from april's color-iffic-swaporama has arrived, full of bright and lovely items, all sent by Girafette

and a few more orders finished, here, here and here (little by little, things start falling into their place again ..)



Leonor said...

Tânia, aceita desde já a encomenda de duas ratinhas, mas de cores diferentes :) Fiquei apaixonada!!!! É tão linda!!! parabéns pelas mãos de fada.

.. said...

I am still in awe of finding not just one but two copies of that book at the same time. And please please do a Tina, I want to see it - and those Tina has such great potential to make doll´s CLOTHES. Tina, Tina, Tina!

Oh, geesh, I am a lemming, I want to go read Prep as well - review when you finish it please!

fantasma said...

Aqui se vê que o meu "não jeito" para costura e outros trabalhos afins vem da infância, é defeito mesmo... eu nunca tive um "1º livro de costura" ;o)

Kumi said...

Wow, the picture book looks so cute and adorable!!

Anonymous said...

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