Thursday, June 08, 2006

magazines etc

after signing up for the magazine swap being hosted by Adriana from Cottton Strudel (which by the way is looking for more non US participants, so if you haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for ?), I decided to organize the magazine stacks at home and couldn't believe the piles I had stashed ... besides books, I've always been addicted to magazines too, and used to buy a lot of them ... notice the operative words 'used to'. I stopped a couple of years ago, for no other reason than being fed up with all the publicity content that usually permeate women's and other magazines. I used to subscribe to the UK version of Marie Claire, and there was this other MC magazine I bought regularly as well (health & beauty ?) and sometimes the occasional In Style or Allure. And travel magazines were also a favourite, I remember buying 3 of them in a regular basis - Volta ao mundo and Evasões (my portuguese favourites) and National Geographic Traveller.

The only subscrition we still have around is for The economist, which has so much reading content that it usually lasts a whole week of breakfast table reading (yep, I'm one of those that can't leave the house without having my breakfast...)
Once in a while though, I still love browsing the magazines at the store and eventually end up buying something. The travel magazines when they feature skiing holidays (of course!) or one of those places I'm still planning to visit during my lifetime (japan. or new zealand. or patagonia. or iceland. yes, it's a big list !). I got the latest Condé Nast Traveller magazine (italian edition) yesterday because they feature Lisbon and it was interesting to see our city through the eyes of tourists coming to visit. A lot of places are familiar, but others not really, so I'm going to use it as a guide and pretend I'm a tourist in my own town. Interior design magazines also make their way into the shopping basket now and then. I especially love french and spanish magazines (like il mueble or mi casa), they usually have great ideas for decorating smaller spaces and give great decorating tips.
And recently I've discovered the world of crafts magazines and have become addicted to japanese crafts magazines instead, a more expensive but much more satisfying purchase. I can't understand a word, but the pictures are so inspiring and the diagrams are easy to follow (most of the time, anyway).
So tell me, any other good magazine suggestions out there ?

** the photos are from the above mentioned condé nast magazine and also from the latest issue of cotton friend, which I received this week (more photos later) **


Irene said...

I also love magazines but I think it is quite difficult to find good magazines in Portugal or in Portuguese, for example someone told me about a magazine called Idées Broderie Et Couture I went to every place that I knew and find out about where magazines were sold and nothing.I agree with you about the Japanese craft magazines, they are amazing, but a problem to buy if you are a student (few money) and no credit card, like me.

Bazar Manualidades said...

What a fun swap, thanks for the tip! I'll check it out...
I'm also a big fan of japanese craft magazines!! They are really worth paying for.

Anonymous said...

your magic ball is wimging it's way to you....:)

fantasma said...

I love magazines too but I only buy a few once in a while as to not have a TBR pile of magazines at home :op And they steal book reading time! ;o)
The ones I usually buy are the Marie Claire UK edition also, Volta ao Mundo as well, and Empire, an UK magazine about cinema. I love it as it's so sarcastic and funny.

Anonymous said...

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