Monday, December 18, 2006

more japanese crafts books

More japanese crafts books from YesAsia, an early x-mas gift to myself (that site is just too tempting, and bad for my wallet)

ISBN: 4529043045
Idées vol4, which features a lot of cute embroidery.
My favorites: just look at the slippers ... or the bookcover .. or the handbag .. all amazing.

ISBN: 4579110935
Another sewing book by Machiko Kayaki. This one has some cute patterns, I love the milk maid dress (check out the one made by Mariko here), the apron dresses and tops. All for next year's summer.

ISBN: 4579110714
Pattern magic, a very original sewing book, filled with unusual designs.



Anonymous said...

oh i wish i had the money to buy all the japanese craft books in the world! i haven't seen one that i didn't like and they are always so inspiring! <3

Anonymous said...

I want the sheep bag. I mean I reeeeaaally want the sheep bag. I may have to get my hands on that book. May I ask where you got it?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I apparently cannot read. You said right in the first sentence where you got them. Sorry, I was focused on the pictures. Thanks for them, I would never have known.