Thursday, April 19, 2007

(one more) tweed scarf

I know it's already a bit late in the season for this, but when I paired these fabrics the other day I knew I'd have to make another tweed scarf. I mean, they just looked so great together ... and perfect for this.

I probably won't get to wear it anytime soon, but that's just something to look forward to next winter. I actually wear scarves a lot when it's colder so I MUST have a lot of them (hence the excuse to make a new one at every opportunity)

(and have I ever said here before how much I love this pattern ? I really, really do. Ms Schmidt, you're a genius)


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely scarf! I need to get myself a copy of that Denyse Schmidt book. Looks like there's a lot of great inspiration!

fantasma said...

Ficou muito giro :)

Oasis said...

I love your scarf even te season is over. Do you sell them?

Anonymous said...

até apetece de novo o mau tempo só para os experimentar.

Kate said...

Gorgeous scarf - now the cold weather is hitting here I might need to make one for myself.

ruthie said...

Se ve muy linda!!

Anonymous said...

Just lovely.

jen said...

i love that pattern. i have that book as well and though i haven't tried anything yet, i love looking at the projects.

your choice of fabrics is lovely. what a beautiful scarf!