Wednesday, April 04, 2007

shop update

This definitely is bookcover week. I haven't done a shop update in a couple of months, so I was feeling somewhat guilty and worked on these bookcovers during the last few days, just in time for Easter.

I will try to add new items more frequently, maybe just one or two every week, and not wait to finish a whole batch before I post them. They're available here now.

By the way, thanks to everyone who subscribes to the mailing list, as I said I know I don't post new items very frequently but I'm trying to improve on that.

Have a lovely Easter, everyone !


Ana Lopes said...

Adoro o teu trabalho, parabéns^__^
Bjs da Ana

Brandy said...

Those are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...


venho aqui deixar um beijinho quentinho e desejar uma Feliz Páscoa cheia de amêndoas e ovinhos



Wayfarer said...

excelente trabalho! adoro as combinações dos teus tecidos! o Caleidoscópio deixa-te os parabéns pela criatividade! :D

Anonymous said...

obrigada pelo comentário ;)
estou deliciada com o baby! eehehhe

boa páscoa!

AmeliaB said...

Oooo. I really like the color and design of your book covers.