Monday, January 21, 2008

a (small) shop update

I'm so-o-o-o sorry, but the weekend just flew by and I didn't finish any of the items I had planned to. The weather was just too nice, so we had another try at inline skating (I'm getting better), and yesterday we went hiking in Sintra. Actually, this whole month has been flying by since New Year's, can't believe we're getting to the end of January already ... I had so many plans and things I meant to do, but I guess other things just got in the way. I've been sewing less and knitting more, as you might have noticed, mainly because I find knitting is more relaxing these days. So the plan to have a big shop update this week kind of failed, but I decided to have a small update nonetheless. Just some regular bookcovers for now, the pencil sleeves and fairytale pocket bags will come next, in a couple of weeks, I promise. I'm also waiting on some new fabrics for that, some treats from kitty-craft

Next week we'll be going on our ski trip, and although the weather hasn't been very obliging, I'm still certain we'll have a great time. We are experimenting a new resort this year (La Plagne was fully booked already) so if any of you has any recommendations about Flaine, I'd love to hear them. We are staying at the new UCPA Flaine Lindars, and so far I've only read good reviews about it.

(The bookcovers are available here)


Di said...

Your book covers are as beautiful as ever!!

I can understand your desire to be outside if the weather allows - I agree!! I spent the weekend learning how to lay hedges - a traditional countryside craft - it was great to be outside!

Anonymous said...

Oh you're right !! Here we have rain each day :-( !! I would like so much to go to ski too ! I haven't been for years...hum hum a decade ahahaha ! I wish you great time ! I sent you a private mail lasr friday hope you well received it ;-) Smooch !! Sandrine alias Didine

Anonymous said...

I love the second book cover! Black, tan and blue! Gorgeous!

Have fun on your ski trip!