Friday, May 30, 2008


What's this ? why, it's my Anais blocking, of course. I can't wait to finish this, and wear it outside. The weather has been so unreliable I'll probably still be able to wear it next week. I finished the lace motif and sleeves last night and now I only have the daunting task of seaming it all together ahead of me. I did knit this in the round, so at least no side seams for me this time.

I haven't mastered the art of continental knitting yet, but I'm much, much faster now, so thanks for all your motivational comments on the post below. I can almost do it with my eyes shut now, although I still miss some stitches now and then. Anyway, that's the reason why Anais was such a quick knit. The bulk of it was done during the car trips last weekend, and now I can say I knit almost as fast as I purl.

The Leafy Pull has been put on hold, but the body has been done and now I need to start on the sleeves. I can't say I'm terribly happy about it, I had forgotten how knitting in cotton shows all of your mistakes, even the tiniest ones. The difference in my tension between knitting in the round and back and forth is quite noticeable when working in cotton and reverse stockinette, so I have an almost perfect sweater below the armholes and not so perfect in the back above. Oh well, at least my next one will be in wool for sure, since I do love the design.

Since we're leaving for Iceland in a couple of weeks, I was a bit worried about the earthquake news yesterday. Apparently some property has been damaged but thankfully no major injuries. It seems that the South of Iceland is a highly seismic area, which I guess will make this trip even more adventurous...

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Alexia Deschamps said...

Mais 2 projectos lindíssimos! O Anais está um mimo e nem sei como consegues costurar a parte central, tão delicada é.
Também penso tricotar o pull Feuilles da Phildar em algodão...;)