Monday, June 09, 2008

getting ready

I usually don't waste much time when packing, but this Iceland trip has been quite a challenge. It seems that in Iceland the weather changes every 5 minutes and it's best to be prepared for anything. Since we'll be doing some hiking most of the days I've packed most of my hiking clothes, some warm fleeces, all of my raingear, but also some shorts and t-shirts, although the forecast seems to be more cold than warm at this moment. And of course, I packed a couple of swimsuits, because apparently there are hot pools everywhere.

I still have to pick what books to take (probably more of Niccoló, I've resumed reading this series and now I can't stop) but my travel knitting projects are going to be this hoodie and my second attempt for a pair of socks.

The hoodie is going well, I didn't expect to enjoy knitting lace at all, but I'm addicted now. And the socks ? Let's see if I can finish these, if using one of my favorite yarns won't do the trick then I'm forever giving up on them.


Anonymous said...

I've got the same sock yarn and it's coming with me to South Africa!

Travelling socks.

Anonymous said...

wow. the apres-surf hoodie is definately more beautiful in your choice of color than in the magazine! Your pics are beautiful, too.