Tuesday, November 25, 2008

on the needles

This has actually been on the needles for a while now ... the body part is very fast to knit, took me about a week or so, but then I got lazy and couldn't get myself to start the sleeves, so I started another project instead (I'll show you that next).

But apparently this gets Maggie's approval nonetheless ...


gunter said...

I have this in my queue....what yarn are you using? Looks GREAT!

bea's blog said...

My cat sometimes gives approvals, too :)
See have been to lovely Iceland recently! Lucky you! Guess you bought lots of Lopi?!! :)
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www.bea-nype.blogspot.com if you like.

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have a cat who just wants to snuggle with your knitting WIPs! My three kittens think that yarn is for eating...so all my crochet projects have to be put away when I'm not working on them!

Celina said...

Só para dizer que ainda estou a salivar com as fotos anteriores...
Quanto a estas, prometedor como sempre. A cor é apetitosa. E a Maggie também ;)