Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Grey Cord Tunic

The o w l s are ready, but the weather has been so dreary I didn't have enough light to take decent photos.

So instead here's a garment I finished recently, with a few changes to suit me better. I think it's pattern G from this book (Otona no couture "Stylish dress book" ISBN 4579111850). I loved this fabric on sight so I bought it without a specific project in mind, and later when I was browsing my sewing books I thought this pattern would be perfect. It turned out nicely, I think, even though I cut the wrong size and had to resize quite a bit.

I haven't sewn anything for myself in a while, so I'm hoping this will get me inspired to start a few projects I've been meaning to do.


Celina said...

So cool! E parece muito confortável.

AnaGF said...

Embora comente pouco, visito regularmente o Chocolate à Chuva. E gosto muito de tudo o que aqui vejo. Por isso, atribuí-te um prémio. Podes ir buscá-lo a:
e dá-lo a outras seis mulheres que aches que o merecem (bem sei, dá uma trabalheira - foi o que eu pensei quando tive que fazer o mesmo - mas acaba por valer a pena!).

Stephany said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...


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