Tuesday, March 03, 2009

blues, greens and purples ...

Sorry about the lack of recent posts on this blog, but my current project at work has been taking me to Madrid every week so it's a bit difficult to find the time for any decent posting lately. I've been so tired when I get back that all I have the energy to do is curl up on the sofa with A. and the cats.

Still, last weekend I managed to finish some really old WIPs I had laying around since early last year. A couple of scarves which I don't think I'll get to use this season - it's not that cold anymore - but definitely next winter.

The blue Irish Hiking Scarf is probably the first cable project I started, and the other one is already a favorite because a) I love the pattern's name, and b) the yarn is one of the softest I've ever worked with.

Pattern: Holding hands, feeding ducks, by A Time to Knit (blog)
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend (color 7325)
Needles: 4.5 mm

Pattern: Irish Hiking Scarf, by Adrian Bizilia
Yarn: Rosários 4 Catitano
Needles: 5 mm

It feels nice to finally finish projects that have been around for such a long time. Now if only I could find the motivation to finish the 3 or 4 pairs of socks I started since last summer ...

On the other hand, starting new cardigans is never a problem. And coincidence or not, my current WIPs are all purple (Isabel, nem uma peça vermelha desta vez ;)

A minimalist cardigan, in some Debbie Blish Cashmerino Aran ...

An Amelia cardie, in Handpaintedyarn.com DK yarn (purple charm colorway)

Love the book, haven't seen the movie yet but had to knit this. It's the lovely Coraline, which I started months ago but it's with such small needles it's going to take me a looong time to finish.

Finally, the Twiggy tunic. I didn't have enough yarn for the sleeves, so this was a quick knit and has actually been finished already, but I don't like the end result - it's too long and something is just not right with the neckline - so I need to frog the top part and decide what to do after ...

More news in a few weeks, when this project has calmed down (hopefully around Easter !)


Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous scarf! The color is amazing. Is that the Twiggy Tunic from Twinkle Knits? If so, I made the Best Friend Cardi from the same book!

AnaCAlmeida said...

Love the scarfs! And the sweaters! Summing up I really love everything you knit!

Cloudberry said...

Beautiful scarfs!
And your wip's are in some lovely shades of blue.

Laura said...

You were beautiful I love everything you do really an expert weaver, I liked to know you used wool from my country I hope you have enjoyed
kisses from Urugua

Unknown said...

que ponto é este do mini cardigan? lindo não?...
Suzy Mendonça

likeschocolate said...

I am not much of a knitter, but looking at all the photographs on your blog has given me new ideas of places to go. You really know how to capture the essence of the places you visit. Thanks! Kelleyn

Unknown said...

I really love your blog!

Nice scarfs!

Greetings, Siggi

Maria de Jesus said...

Lindos trabalhos!

O nosso blog está a oferecer uma oportunidade para expôr/trabalhar num atelier nos Açores. Mais pormenores em www.mundopico.blogspot.com

Ana said...

Olá, sigo o seu blog há 2 anos, e há umas semanas cruzei-me consigo no vasco da gama. tive vontade de a cumprimentar!
Entretanto, coincidência das coincidências, descobri que mora em Lisboa, na mesma rua de uma prima que costumo visitar, porque a vi a pé nessa zona e depois a entrar para o carro do seu marido e reparei que entrou numa garagem do fim da rua onde mora a minha prima!...há coincidências engraçadas! Felicidades, tem feito viagens maravilhosas e tão umas mãos de fada! Um beijinho, Ana Paula

Anonymous said...


alter_ego said...

I lvoe the purple one :D