Friday, June 26, 2009

vacation planning

It's that time of the year again. Sometimes I think I enjoy vacation planning as much as actually the vacation itself. Any suggestions are welcome, we're spending a few days in St. Petersburg first and then do a small tour of the Baltic countries in early September.

Sorry about the non crafty content on this blog lately, but time for sewing and knitting hasn't been that much. Summer has arrived in full swing and I've been spending more time outdoors .. hiking and especially cycling (I love these long, long days when I can still cycle for an hour or two after work). And I've restarted yoga, which I've really missed and forgotten how good it makes me feel.

I *have* started sewing clothes again, especially summer dresses, but it's been slow going and I need another few days before I have any finished items. Knitting has also been slow, mainly because cotton doesn't give me half the pleasure I get from wool. I've knitted the back of a Somerset cardigan and maybe this weekend I can get started with the front.

We are going to spend the weekend here, probably do some more hiking and try to get ourselves lost in those woods :)


Anonymous said...

how long are you going to stay in Lithuania? I live in LT. so, if you need any help with planning... :)

Di said...

I visited Tallinn and found it charming and full of crafts! I had just taken a day trip from Helsinki which I also loved - you could go from Tallinn!

Hope you have a great weekend - the hotel looks amazing!
Don't apologise for the lack of crafting - the travel posts are just perfect!

likeschocolate said...

I love to go on vacation too and all the possibilities of things to see is intoxicating.

Anonymous said...