Monday, February 08, 2010

a set of softies

Hello there :) A new set of softies that were actually made as Christmas gifts, and although two of them are already in their new homes, I only remembered to post about them till I came across the photos again during the weekend.

I had forgotten how I love to make these softies, and it was nice to have the time to make them leisurely for a change.

(I've named them after their intended recipients, so from left to right: #42 Diogo, #43 Natalia and #44 Catarina)



So beautiful!!!
Kind regards

macati said...


luisa morais machado said...
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luisa morais machado said...

Gorgeous!!! I love the three kitten at the top of the blog too! (I think I would like one for myself...)
I hope we can see some of those other FO's soon.
It seems that everybody is missing your posts, as we don't have the privilege of knowing you in person!
Best wishes.

Unknown said...

Hi, Love hearing about your travels and your crafts! Wish you would post more often.

Ana Salomé said...

São tão giros...adorei:)

Crazycreative said...

WOW, they are great!

Greetings from Germany,

Anonymous said...

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Margarida Godinho said...

So beautiful!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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olharbiju said...

Parabens plos lindos trabalhos.

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RheLynn said...

so very cute!

Unknown said...

Ana Cristina

Anonymous said...

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vanda teixeira said...

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