Wednesday, August 04, 2010

:: nesting

Still trying to finish a few things before the baby arrives ... not long to go now :)
A couple of months ago I got copies of both Lotta Jansdotter's "Simple sewing for baby" and Anna Maria Horners' "Handmade beginnings".
They both contain practical and useful baby projects (and in case of Handmade begininnings, a few things for mom as well), so they've been my inspiration for several projects lately.

First off the list was a diaper change mat.
I used a thick cotton floral fabric for the outside, and a red polka dot oil cloth for the inside.

Then I tried the nursing pillow. The pattern on Lotta's book turned out to be too small, so I just enlarged it a bit so it would actually go around my waist (well, I think it goes around my waist, since I really couldn't try it on). I also made a beige polka dot cover for it, since I figure it's going to get dirty easily.

The snuggler ... this one I just had to make as soon as I saw it. I actually made two versions, a light flannel for warmer days, and a fleeced one for winter.

And naturally, I had to make myself a sling. No pattern for this on either book but I just followed the instructions given here. I used some plain blue denim for one side, and some stash fabric for the other side. It turned out so nice I'll probably make a couple more in different patterns and colors.


FibreJoy said...

Adorei a patinha da Maggie acima do cambiador de fraldas!

You are making very beautiful things for the new baby Tânia, I love the fabrics you've chosen as well!



Anonymous said...

Tania, you are so expert at whatever you make. Great ideas. Great fabric choices. Can't wait to see photos of you and the baby! Not rushing the process, of course. But good luck to you.


tania said...

:) yippee!!


Very busy, Tania, very busy. And all looking so lovely!
Best wishes to you!

Anonymous said...

So lovely!! Your baby is already one lucky sweetie. Your sewing and knitting is so admirable.

Anonymous said...

I really need to learn how to sew!! Hope one day I'll be able to make such lovely things!
Congratulations, as usual everything is soooo perfect!
Your baby is really lucky ;)


Fina said...

Where did you get these fabrics? They are so beautiful.

Anne Marie said...

So many beautifuul fabrics and I love the diaper changer you have made!