Sunday, June 19, 2011


We started our last trip in Shrewsbury, where we spent our first night (we drove from London) and the next morning. It was the weekend, so it was peaceful and quiet, and great for enjoying the sights. This is an historical market town, with a lot of medieval buildings beautifully restored. We were lucky to have stayed at the Draper's Hall Restaurant, which apart from providing an excellent dinner also offers a few boutique rooms. We stayed in the lime suite, which had a very convenient kitchenette and enough space for S. to crawl around. It's also centrally located so we walked all around the historical center quite easily, from the Old Market Hall to the Castle and then to Shrewsbury Abbey.

:: Old Market Hall

:: Ireland Mansion

::at Draper's Hall

::Shrewsbury Abbey

::Shrewsbury Castle

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The first photo is awesome!