Wednesday, July 27, 2011

york - take 2

... at the end of the day we returned to the York Museum Gardens to look for squirrels

... and found quite a few

We stayed at a fantastic apartment (5 min walk from the historical center)

which had this most fantastic view from the living room

We still had a little time before dinner so we decided to take a walk along the walls, starting at Bootham Bar right next to the apartment

the light was magical, and made everything look even more beautiful


Anonymous said...

I have to say this... for a long time I've loved traveling more than anything, and your blog is really inspiring to me (find new places and be "there" through your pictures)! thank you for sharing :)

Cláudia Tavares said...

Tânia, que viagem maravilhosa, adoro cidades históricas como esta! A Sara está o máximo e aposto que adora passeio:)


Anonymous said...

As fotos estão todas lindas, mas essa última da S a fazer beicinho oh <3, é talvez a minha preferida de todas as fotos dela q já vi.

Teresa C (google a armar-se em exquisito com o login)

LuisaM said...

The end of the day is my favourite to photograph with.
Beautiful pictures!

LuisaM said...

The end of the day's light is my favourite to photograph with!
Beautiful pictures!