Friday, October 05, 2012

Catbells + Tarn Hows

Another day in the Lakes which turned out to be a great hiking day. We decided to hike the popular Catbells summit near Keswick. It is a very easy hike, but it takes a bit longer than we originally thought. It took us about 3 hours to reach the highest Catbells peak and hike back.
Being one of the most popular hikes, and with very few parking spaces nearby it's good to arrive early in the morning. We decided to make the ascent from Hawes End, and took the shortest way up to the lower peak following a steep path. The lower summit was reached quickly (and would've been even quicker if we hadn't stopped to take photos every 5 minutes, but with views like this it was impossible not to).
Summit photo !
Making our way down ...
I think we successfully turned S. into a little hiker.
Later we visited Keswick again, and had some delicious pastries from Baldry's ...
And took pictures of the pinkest Fudge shop ever
In the afternoon we decided to drive back to Coniston, and hike to another popular spot - Tarn Hows, the artificial tarn that Beatrix Potter left to the National Trust. The hike is very easy from the small parking place near Yew Tree Tarn, just outside Coniston.
We were lucky that it wasn't very crowded, and it's very easy to see why it attracts so many people.
And finally, the perfect end to this perfect day - a dinner at the famous Drunken Duck gastro-pub.

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Celina said...

Tânia, que lindas imagens, e que viagens espantosas, como sempre. Adorava ir a essa região (o mais perto que estive foi Newcastle/York) e perder-me no meio dessas paisagens fabulosas, adoro adoro a Inglaterra em todo este seu esplendor... Também sou fã da Beatrix Potter e não é difícil adivinhar de onde lhe veio a inspiração. Obrigada por partilhares estes momentos e estas imagens connosco, continuação de boas e inspiradoras viagens.
PS - A Sara é tão querida e que crescida está!