Thursday, August 01, 2013

Danish summer top

Started back in October, this was supposed to be a test knit for my friend Freckle, but I just couldn't concentrate properly at the time so it was left lingering on my WIP basket until I picked it up again recently . The lace pattern is called "frost flowers" and is absolutely stunning, as you can see. The reason why this took me so long was because the pattern it's not easy to memorize so I had to keep checking the chart quite often, which slowed me down considerably.

I followed the original pattern exactly, except for these changes:
- Knitted 7 repeats of the frost flowers pattern (instead of 8) because I wanted to lower the stockinette bodice portion by an inch or so.
- Knit 6 inches of stockinette instead of 5 before starting the v-neck
- For the shoulder straps, didn't make any of the increases at the sides, and decreased each strap until I had a total of 25 stitches.

As I had expected, the Tosh Merino Light grew a couple of inches lengthwise after blocking which made this the perfect length for me.

Pattern: Danish Summer, by Elisabeth Colding Sivertsen
Yarn: Madelinetosh Merino Light, in Well Water (1.5 skeins)
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anaq said...

Fantástico! É o resultado de muita técnica no tricot e muita persistência.
E para a pequena Sara, não tem feito coisas giras?
Já temos saudades de ver uma foto da Sara.
Boas férias!

Ana Quartilho